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Romantic Love

My father Diego Pichardo My Mother Liliana

My-Father-Diego Pichardo

My Father Diego Pichardo My Father, the Rockstar Sometimes I’ve fantasized about meeting Elvis Presley’s daughter. I’d like to shake her hand and tell her, with a sigh, “Lisa Marie, girl, I know exactly how hard your childhood must’ve been. My father, Diego Pichardo, was also a legendary rock star.” Except my father was a …

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Steamy Romance Novels versus Clean Romance Novels Steamy Romance Novels versus Clean Romance novels—Finding your Goldilocks Zone In the past, I used to scorn at steamy romance novels calling them the “lowest common denominator literature.” However, one of my dearest cancer patients offered me a new perspective. This delightfully polite lady in her seventies—I’ll call …

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Loving yourself first Building self esteem

Loving Yourself First

Loving Yourself First (Rejoining the World)       You’ve probably heard it a million times: Loving yourself first is indispensable before you begin searching for love. But there’s a long distance from knowing the concept, to living it. What do you do when, over and over, the world gives you evidence that you’re a misfit? Loving …

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Stages in Love

Stages in Love: A Reflection on Romance

Friend to Lovers: A Reflection on Romance and The Stages in Love (Partially Edited Transcript) The Stages in Love according to my mother: Romance, Disillusion and Joy.     Some people don’t know this, but my parents were quasi-famous in the church circles where I grew up, in the Dominican Republic. They devoted their lives …

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