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D Pichardo-Johansson, MD

Fun, Sweet and Sexy Romance with vitamins for the soul and the mind

Are you a smart woman longing for Classy Feel-Good Romance with substance?

D Pichardo-Johansson, Author

Are you tired of cringe-worthy explicitness in contemporary romance, but prudish Clean and Sweet romance is not your style either?

Do you enjoy escaping into a happy ending story, but sometimes wish for a more stimulating read?

Hello, I’m Diely Pichardo-Johansson, Physician, Life Coach and Author. And I created this romance sub-genre because I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere. My books bridge the gap between “Wholesome” and “Sexy”; and between “Inspirational” and “Irreverently Funny.”

We all love delightfully predictable stories that soothe us; but enjoy them more when they surprise us with unexpected twists, laughter, and tearjerker moments.

My books are designed to leave you with an after-taste of Joy and Hope. They inspire without preaching They reinforce values such as authenticity, tolerance, compassion, and self-empowerment—and, of course, love. My multi-dimensional, relatable characters encourage you to grow with them. And my seemingly mismatched romantic couples stand as a metaphor for finding the common truth and values under our apparent differences.

Give yourself the gift of a delightful read that also contains vitamins for the soul and the mind. Enjoy my books today.

Latest Book

Meet Me in Greece: A Friends to Lovers Travel Romance

I can’t possibly put into words how much I loved this book. (…)  These characters are fantastic and I really enjoyed the chase for love. I cried! I never cry reading books! Best Happily-ever-after ever! Not steamy, but so romantic! (A Reader like You)
Meet Me in Greece-Light

As Iris Kent re-encounters the man she once worked hard to escape, she’ll discover that people can change quite a bit in a decade—especially herself.

Follow me to breathtaking destinations in Gibraltar and Andalusia, Spain while enjoying a sweet and sexy romance that is funny and poignant at once.

Bouncing Back: A How-to Manual for Joy with Minimal Energy Expenditure

Because I not only want you to read about Happy-Ending Stories. I also want to inspire you to live your most fulfilled, happiest possible life.

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Meet Me in Greece


5.0 out of 5 stars  BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS EVER!

Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2021

I can’t possibly put into words how much I loved this book. While I have read the others in the series, I believe this could easily be read as a stand alone but you’ll probably go back and read the others! These characters are fantastic and I really enjoyed the chase for love. I cried! I never cry reading books! Best HEA ever! Not steamy, but so romantic!

5.0 out of 5 stars The Nerd and his Airhead

Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2021

Oh my gosh I adore Ezra in this story so much, he’s so adorable and geeky. I was so excited to finally read Mia and Ezra story, between the snarky comments, joking and teasing each other and the hidden secrets they both hold their story will keep you begging for more at each turn. (…)

This story is about two best friends who have known each other almost two decades and realize what true love really means. Mia stops chasing the wrong guy and embraces the one who’s always loved her no matter what. Ezra learns he is as worthy as Mia, puts his insecurities aside and finally makes the biggest move of his life. Neither was willing to put their friendship on the line but Greece and its magic gave them both the strength and push they needed to make the right choices for them. I loved this story and can’t wait to read Iris and Ian’s story. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Best friends to soulmates. A beautifully told story.

This is an fantastic book that involves so much more than just a love story. I absolutely loved it. You will fall in love with Ezra by the end of the first chapter. Are they risking not being best friends if they become lovers? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Best friends since childhood, they know each other inside and out. Now that they are adults, Ezra realizes he has romantic feelings towards Mia. Does she feel the same and they are both just afraid to admit it because it might affect their friendship or is it only one-sided? Ezra knows everything about Mia and he appears to know every thing about Quentin, Mia’s last boyfriend. Can he stop what Quinten is planning on Mia? Can they finally love each other like they have since they were 17? Awesome!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2021

I am a fan of this series of romances, each set in a different foreign locale. Two more long-time friends in this series finally start working on the romance they need and deserve. I loved Ezra, the guy who turns from, shy, awkward middle school geek to successful IT entrepreneur. The four women helped him survive the pains and tribulations of the social nightmare of school bullies and cliques. But his special fondness for newly-established fashion designer Mia has remained.

Their adventure in Greece has a good balance of romance, tourism, mischief-making from spoiler exes and continued involvement from their tried and true circle of friends. There’s just enough of an obstacle course in this journey to love: never a sprint but not quite a marathon despite the Greek setting! And the accompanying picturebook keyed to scenes in the story really helps you feel present in the background with the characters.

There’s heat but no explicit steam but a good quantity of closeness and cuddles. A great mix for my tastes. I also liked the troubled family storyline for Mia and how it is resolved. 

5 out of 5 stars I need best friends like these guys!

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2021

Really – I want new best friends! Mia, Chloe, Iris, Sophia and Ezra have been friends for years. The relationship between them all is endearing but between Ezra and Mia…? They’re hilarious. The witty banter, constant teasing and obvious affection behind it all is exactly what I would look for in a best friend and partner.
But 2 decades of hidden unrequited love, beautiful Greece, evil exes, and stressful mishaps and disappointments…can their friendship survive, will it be something more?
It’s a “friends to lovers” story so I’m sure you can guess the answers. But the journey to get there is fun, sweet, amusing and definitely enjoyable. The characters have their own stories but it is not necessary to read them in order. You get to know the friends well enough to appreciate their love and friendship in each story.
I certainly recommend this story and look forward to the next

4.0 out of 5 stars Good Story


Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2021

Ezra and Mia will have you glued to the drama as it unfolds in this story. They have known each other since middle school and has remained friends. Mia has always been popular and she befriended Ezra who was a nerd that she helped to be cooler with the high school crowd. They shared a lot of his firsts and as a result he has harbored a crush on her since then. When Mia needed someone to act as a go between, she went to her best friend Ezra who was more than happy to play his part. As they embark on this deception feelings come into play bringing up old memories for her. Has Ezra been the one for her all along and will they finally get their chance for a relationship that leads to a happily ever after? This book had me cheering for them!

Kiss Me in Italy

Five Stars. Lyrical Storytelling
(…) The sophisticated spice of love that author Pichardo-Johansson is so adept at writing will make you long for your own romantic trip to Italy. (…)

If you enjoy dreamy bedroom romance, wonderful descriptions of all that Italy has to offer, topped off with plenty of gelato, you will adore this book. I found the different medical points of view, natural and holistic, versus medical research to be fascinating. Chloe and Maxwell are characters you will long remember and their story will give you plenty to think about. (Jena Henry Booklover)


Five Stars.  Sexy, hot stuff!
(…) It kept me raptly engaged, wanting to see if the two of them could get out of their own ways and be together. I was intrigued by the struggle both Chloe and Max had battling to maintain their integrity and not defy their core beliefs. It was impressive to watch it unfold and see the passion blossom between these two. The book gave just the right amount of peeks into these two sharing an amazing sex life without being too risqué. I had no trouble visualizing the steamy, hot passion of these two. It’s nice to read a book that has both sexy passion and addresses important topics like staying true to your values. Food for thought …and imagination! Loved it! (Amazon Customer)


Five Stars.  “To call this story ‘opposites attract’ just might be underselling it
(…) I adored Max, even when he was being the biggest dumb jerk on the planet. Everything he is is so integrated into everything he does; I couldn’t help but honor him for being so true to his nature. Chloe came across as a little more woo-woo aerie-fairy new age hippy tree hugger for my personal tastes.(…) I still loved her even though her beliefs go to extremes I don’t share. Much like their friends and family before them, Sophia and Trevor, Max and Chloe learned related lessons in perseverance, compromise, and commitment. The stage that’s being set for the next book is making me positively rabid to get my hands on it. (Kristen Lewendon)

I really enjoyed these characters so much. While they are so very different, they finally find some connection on a visceral level and finally allow themselves the enjoyment of each other. Not super steamy, but super romantic and fun! The banter between the two kept me entertained. Happily ever after ahead but these two really heave to work for it! Makes it so much sweeter in the end! (Lunguy5)

Five Stars. “Chakra is aligned and loved
I absolutely loved this story (…) I loved how both Max and Chloe have struggle with similar issues and have the same passion for what they believe in and work towards but are oblivious to it. (…) I absolutely loved their banter and how they were able to work on their big differences. (Narci)

Five Stars.
I loved this story. As with the last one (Love Me in Paris) it makes me want to travel. I love the companion picture book that goes with Chloe and max’s itinerary, (…). There are some sexy times, but nothing graphic. This book is not officially clean, but it’s very tame, and not overly sex filled at all. I enjoyed the opposite attract story, there was a lot of truth and honesty and it felt mature and real. And now I can’t wait for the next book! (Lady M)

First read by this author. It was so whimsical. It certainly made me wanna see Italy in a different light (…) Max and Chole have so much to get through but make it work at the end of the day. (…) This book has all the feels. (…) Love, Regret and pure lust. This was a nice fun read. Made me laugh so much. “Cow Murder”! Love it! I also will never see almond milk the same.(Cervera)

Five Stars. “Amazingly adorable
The slow start to Max and Chloe’s relationship keeps you wondering what is going to happen next to keep them apart. I love the travel aspect and the similar, yet different careers that starts as a deterrent, but becomes the bright spot in their relationship. I look forward to reading more by Pichardo-Johansson! (Tracy Bartolone)

Four Stars.  “Dreaming of Italy
These two had me laughing with trying to make each other laugh. Wine vs Gelato, vegan vs non-vegan. I laughed during their conversations. They have the same thought process but their medical process is opposite and it drives a wedge between them. But their spark won’t dim and eventually will win out. These two were great!! (Kindle Ash)

 Five Stars “Kiss Me in Italy
I love the cast of characters in this story, they make it really special. Max, as frustrating as he can be throughout the story, still steals my heart & Chloe definitely completes him.
This story made me smile often and I couldn’t stop turning the pages to read what was going to happen next.
An enjoyable clean romance with lots of place that sound like they need to be seen. (CM)


Love me in Paris

Five Stars. “Wonderful Story.  This book is funny, witty, serious, charming, thought provoking, and a delightful read.” (Texas Bookworm)


Five Stars. “love when a book can sweep me away. love when a book can sweep me away on a journey, and this one did exactly that. During a time when the world as we knew it is no longer recognizable in our everyday lives, it’s a special treat to be able to tour far away places through another’s eyes. …I’m not really ready to let go of these characters yet, so I’m anxious to get my hands on the next book in the series.” (Kristen Lewendon)


Five Stars. “Loved the Paris setting Not only was this couple great together but envisioning the scenery through there eyes was awesome. The accompanying picture book was a perfect touch. The growing relationship between them was amazing, they had chemistry but restrained and it made them so much better. The perfect ending for such a great couple. (Ashley U)


Five Stars. “Entertaining and Enriching (…) In the back of the book the note from the author states “ My goal is to write romance stories that are not only entertaining, but also enriching for the soul.” This sentence struck me as I was just finishing this book because that is exactly what the author accomplished with this book. It was entertaining but had that feel good story as well. Not only did the characters both come together and build a fantastic love, they each grew independently and learned how to be the best version of themselves. (Leah Riker)


Five Stars. “ Wonderful story of a couple falling in love and growing together
“This is such a wonderful love story. I loved just about everything about it. Characters were wonderful. Problems were real. Misunderstandings happen but are resolved.
Lots of growth happens for both characters (which I love to read) and the author does it in such a way that they grow well together and it isn’t just *BAM* new character. She does an excellent job of transforming the characters in front of your eyes without destroying what they were(…) (Danielle)

Beyond Light and Darkness

Five Stars. “Exciting. Refreshing. Loved it. It’s nice to read a book that both entertains and challenges me to think. The characters seem like real people; their relationships seem genuine. There’s just the right amount of mystery, intrigue, and romance. Can’t wait to read another book by this author. Couldn’t put it down!.” (Amazon Customer)


Five Stars. “Captivating. The author writes with so much depth and great character development drawing us into the book and making the plot so read.I greatly enjoyed this suspense mystery romance sitting at the edge of my seat to discover who’s the murderer and how each person fits into the complex plot. The book is interspersed with enlightenment theories & quotes giving the whole cult a more realistic feel. “(Marzimarzo)


Five Stars. “Entertaining Action and Suspense. The book pulls you in from the first page to the last, during which it almost lets you up for a breath of air but when you get back something else has happened to pull your breath away again. I am looking forward to how Richard and Joy make it all work in the next book in the series.” (John L)