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How to Feel Successful

How To Feel Successful

     What is success? What’s your favorite word or definition for it?

     My definition is: Success equals happiness.

     Show me someone who’s miserable and not enjoying life, I don’t care what they bank account shows: they’re not successful. Show me someone who’s truly joyful and I’ll show you someone who’s succeeded in life.

     First as a physician, and later as a life coach and author, I’ve worked with many amazing people who would qualify as extremely accomplished and wealthy, but rarely ever feel successful. They constantly compare themselves negatively to others and feel bad about themselves. Whether the topic is money, followers or number of books sold, we will always be able to find someone who’s doing better than us.

     What’s the mistake? We have created rules and definitions of success that don’t serve us.

In this video I share a reflection and a simple mindset adjustment that can help you change your outlook about your life success.

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