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Longing For Love

Longing for Love

A Funny, sweet and sexy Romance with a medical Twist

She wants a husband and a baby STAT; he’s the least eligible bachelor in town. She wants a forever home; he’s a house that might be crumbling down any minute.

Dr. Emery Love spent the last decade devoted to medicine and now the clock is ticking. After the fiasco of a canceled wedding, her list of requirements in a husband has decreased dramatically, but she knows what she wants: a healthy, steadily employed, fertile man. Her former patient Ethan Cadman doesn’t fit those criteria and she can’t afford to waste time with him. Why can’t she stop gravitating to his deep blue eyes, and that amazing smile he keeps in spite of adversity?

Contractor and amateur comedian Ethan Cadman knows he’s the least eligible bachelor in the world. Surviving cancer might’ve left him stronger, wiser, and with a greater appreciation for life. But it also left him broke, limited in his ability to work—and probably infertile. He has nothing to offer a woman as out of his league as Dr. Emery Love. But he has no guarantee he’ll be alive in five years, and she’s at the top of his bucket list.

When Ethan finds himself without health insurance, Emery would do anything to help him get coverage—even endure the torture of having him close every day. But she doesn’t know he’s had his eye on her for a long time. And some of the things he’s done trying to steal her are coming back to bite them both.

This sweet and sexy story—both poignant and hilarious—will make you laugh and cry page after page while inspiring you to live every day like it could be the last one.