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Just for Joy

Just for Joy: Beyond achievement

A Standalone Intersecting the Beyond Romance and Sunshine State Series

He was the first reckless thing she did in her life. She was his last one—or so he hoped.

Widowed physician Joy Clayton is the ultimate overachieving good-girl who’s always followed the norms and has never done anything crazy.

Or has she?

A secret romance with alluring Richard Fields was more than Joy bargained for—after all, he was an undercover FBI agent investigating her. A heart-break and six months later, all she wants is to move on. But when she finds herself shoved in the middle of his investigation, it seems clear that destiny has other plans.

FBI agent Richard Fields is on the brink of a career breakthrough in the great city of New York. Yet his heart stayed behind in the small beach town of Ft. Sunshine, Florida. There remains the only woman who’d ever made him reconsider his vow of never settling down again: Dr. Joy Clayton. When his investigation brings him back to Ft. Sunshine, Joy holds the key to solve his case—and the key to his heart. Yet she’s the same woman he must desperately stay away from, at risk of losing his career or ending up in jail. 

This enthralling story will keep you glued to the page with its uncommon mixture of meaningful romance, heart-racing suspense, and splashes of comedy.