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Grasping for Grace

grasping for grace: Never grow up

      Psychotherapist and feminist author Allison Connors has built a name around teaching women by example they can be happy without a man. If her clients find out she’s mesmerized by fitness life coach Jay Johnson, her professional credibility will be in danger. It’s bad enough that his ridiculous muscles make him an eye-roll worthy cliché—but the man insists on stretching her definition of sanity. Why does he have to make it so difficult to stay away from him? And can Allison resist him in order to seize the best promotional opportunity of her life?

      Life coach Jay Johnson has lived many incarnations in one lifetime. He’s done it all—twice—and now teaches others how to find health and joy. In spite of his success, he’s missing something that will allow him to return to the bliss of boyhood he always seeks. Nobody understands why he would want Allison Connors, a self-proclaimed man hater, but Jay has his reasons. However, Jay’s past holds a secret. If he insists on pursuing Allison he could destroy her career.

      As Jay’s relentless joy of living coaxes Allison to rediscover childhood, she is forced to question everything she’s based her professional life on. And when dreamy memories from Jay’s past collide with nightmares from the present, he has to make decisions about growing up.