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Cover Game

Hidden clues 1-4: What is the book about?

1- Stick Figure stickers on the Minivan

2- “No Baby On Board” bumper sticker on the convertible.

3- Minivan License Plate reads “Super Dad”

4- Convertible License Plate reads “Free Life”


Answer: A father of three and a child-free, free-spirited woman fall in love.

Clue #5: what the book is really about

5- Minivan Bumper sticker reads “Different Notes Make a Song.”

Answer: We are all musical notes. Different types of people are all necessary to make the music of the world.

hope for harmony: baby makers vs Peter pans

What do you do when the person you are crazy about carries a deal-breaker you can’t negotiate? That is the question T.J. Wagner will have to answer when he falls for business consultant Hope Clayton. If the fact that she lives 2500 miles away was not deal-breaker enough, she has been clear that she wants nothing to do with children in her life…and he has three of them. For T.J, life has always been about self-sacrifice and the answer is obvious. But will she give up that easily? Will he be able to fight the true longings of his heart for much longer?


Two worlds collide when free-spirited, wild-hearted, eternally single, Hope Clayton meets conservative and prudish single father of three, T.J. Wagner. After one surreal night, they are brought face to face again when Hope’s work as a business consultant brings her temporarily to Orlando from San Diego while his children are gone for the month. What is supposed to be a one-month agreement of mutual  companionship evolves into a deep connection. Hope, who hides a dark secret behind her decision to live a life without children, will have to decide between Freedom and Love. 


This is a story about people from different worlds finding common ground. A story about looking outside check lists and what to do when you find the person who makes it worthwhile to reexamine the so-called deal breakers.